Transmedia Art

Head: Univ.-Prof. Mag. art. Brigitte Kowanz
Transmediality enables open, multifaceted and interwoven readings of media. This leads to a multitude of options as well as to the refusal of rigid demarcations between genres of visual art. Transdisciplinary and experimental approaches - scientific, technical or philosophical overlaps -  as well as reflection and critical discourse are fundamental components of the artistic practice and therefore ecouraged. Reflection and critical discourse further the usage of processuality and performativity as artistic means which leads to socio-politcal embeddings of art and an understanding of art as action and communication.


Vordere Zollamtstrasse 3/Dachgeschoss, 1030 Wien

Zulassung Studienjahr 2018/19:
26.02.2018 – 02.03.2018