Graphic Design

Head: Univ.-Prof. Oliver Kartak
Conceptual thinking and content research, the creation of an awareness of global interactions and the development of personal responsibility for the design of our environment, form the basis for work in print and electronic/digital media, brand design, illustration and animation, photography and time-based media, typography and printed graphics, and sound design.

Students practice on the basis of concrete and free topics in diverse areas of visual communication by means of artistic, handicraft and intellectual activities. Students are challenged to search for sustainable cultural, social, economic/ecological positions and to work on these individually and in teams.

The promotion of a subversive approach for the evolution of ideas and objectives is equally part of training, whereby play and research elements provide the driving force behind the design process, along with the development of new audiovisual codes and strategies in the digital media.

Interdisciplinary work between the classes of the Institute for Design at the Vienna University of Applied Arts supports a holistic design approach, which takes social and economic interactions seriously and also subjects them to critical scrutiny.

The basic objective of the study is to train students to be independent and responsible design personalities, who work in all current and future media and to be active in artistic areas.

Workshops and lectures by national and international experts from various disciplines enrich the study at a handicrafts, design and intellectual level.