Design, Architecture and Environment for Art Education

Art Education in Design and Technology / Design, Architecture and Environment

Head: Univ.Prof. Christoph Kaltenbrunner
Society is preoccupied with neoliberalism, economy, and optimisation. But these parameters are dominant not only in the realm of business – the educational system is also subject to the paradigm of economic efficiency. The pressures to save costs are enormous. In this system academic subjects that are difficult to assess, when at all, are increasingly under pressure to justify themselves, instead of being perceived as an important counterpart, which facilitates and supports free thinking independent from concrete quantifiable results.

The Teacher Training artistic programme builds directly upon the arts and defies the potential appropriation of education by economic constraints. The students of today are the pedagogues and teachers of future generations. Hence, it is a must for universities to develop their teaching and research content in both a topical and future-oriented way.

Teacher Training in Design and Technology at the Angewandte guarantees its students a comprehensive education in the fields of Design, Architecture, and Environment as well as Specialist Didactics and Pedagogy. The focus is placed on the built environment, space and technology, and on the discussion and balance of their expediency in terms of ecological, economic, and social sustainability. In this way, graduates are conveyed design not as pure formal experimentation rather as a strategy to ask the right questions to arrive at solutions while also discovering the new. The cognitive process – from head to hand – is immanent and cannot go lost in the Austrian school system because of austerity policies!

Interdisciplinarity, liveliness, and an open discourse are needed. In order to achieve these ambitious goals, research works and projects provide cooperations, both with the departments and institutes of the Angewandte as well as partner universities (BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna and Graz University of Technology).

Academic projects are developed in the context of artistic discourse; in the future there should be stronger ties between art, philosophy, technology, and the sciences, in the spirit of a holistic laboratory (HOLO-LAB), and are to be firmly established in the Austrian school system.