Shame Shouldn't be a Symptom

Group Show

For the mental health awareness month, Improper Walls, in collaboration with foundation Made of Millions, presents the international group exhibition “Shame Shouldn't be a Symptom”.
Selected artists share personal stories of everyday struggles and sometimes lost battles with not only mental illnesses but in this case particularly the stigma surrounding them, addressing the shame as the major block between an individual and professional help. 
However, their reflection goes beyond the mental health diseases, their symptoms, and treatment. Featured artworks communicate deeper layers of the true impact of social phenomena, addressing the inevitable political nature of a collective mental state.
Through a variety of mediums and approaches, the exhibition aims to not only open up a dialogue between the ones experiencing the symptoms and those who don’t but to broaden the overall understanding of one’s psyche and the term mental health.
This exhibition is divided into two show spaces: 
- Gallery space (Improper Walls, Reindorfgasse 42, 1150 Vienna)
- Virtual room (access will be shared on the 5th of May, 2021)



Andrea Z Scharf, Fee Blumenthaler - website, Instagram

Christine Schörkhuber - website

Conni Holzer -  website

Day Eve M Komet - website, Instagram

Demian Thirst  - website, Instagram

Elodie Grethen - website

Inês Miguel Oliveira - website, Instagram

Lia Dostlieva - website

Mariana Rebola - website, Instagram

Niña Lilli Lerch - Instagram

Patrycja Stala - Instagram

Peter Pflügler - Instagram

Qasi BABb Pink - website, Instagram

Demian Thirst (Digital Art) and Niña Lilli Lerch (Site Specific Art) are students of the Angewandte.

Logo: Group Show - Shame
                                       Shouldn't be a Symptom
Group Show - Shame Shouldn't be a Symptom


05. Mai 2021 - 09. Juni 2021
Gallery space (Improper Walls, Reindorfgasse 42, 1150 Wien) & Virtual room