History of Architecture

Head: Univ.-Prof. Mag.phil. Dr.phil. Matthias Boeckl
Knowledge about the history of architecture is an indispensible resource in the architectural practice, and it is also integral for all other artistic curricula. Networked artistic thinking does not limit its scope to individual objects, rather it views the overall design of the environment. In the field of architectural history knowledge about the technical, aesthetic, and social aspects of intelligent and sustainable solutions in given building projects is conveyed in their respective historical context.

The most important course formats are lectures about the key periods in Western architectural history (English) and about the history of Austrian architecture in a European context (German). Furthermore, scientific works (dissertations, diploma theses, semester projects, studies, publications) by members of the Angewandte and other universities are supervised in the framework of seminars. The department’s own scientific research contributes, above all, to architectural history in Central Europe with a focus on modern and contemporary architecture and art in Austria.