Standardized Student Feedback

In order to collect feedback from students, you must create a questionnaire that includes skills (competences) that students should have acquired on completion of the course; the study objectives that are being pursued by the course; and other features of the course.

To avoid possible conclusions about respondents, the analysis is being carried out by the Unit for Quality Enhancement, if there is a minimum of five returned questionnaires. In case of a lower number of students, the qualitative student feedback is appropriate. The evaluation report (Sample) contains a graphical representation of frequency counts and a list of information about the quality of teaching of the teacher and in reference to comments, critique and suggestions for improvement. The evaluation report is available for download in the Online-Service and will not be forwarded to third parties. The results raise questions for the teachers, which they can discuss with their students. In accordance with the specific requirements of individual courses, questionnaires can also be developed in cooperation with the Unit for Quality Enhancement.

To design a Questionnaire, please complete in the Online-Service the following fields of entry: