Teaching Evaluation Work Group

Based on an open invitation of the Rectorate, the Teaching Evaluation Work Group was constituted in December 2008, for the purpose of dealing with fundamental issues of quality in teaching. The group is made up of the Vice-Rector in charge, artists and scientists, students, and staff from the areas of Strategy, Service and Administration (see the members). Depending on the area of focus, the composition of the work group varies.

The work group develops recommendations for a quality culture that is reasonably oriented toward the Angewandte, within the framework of a structured process. In the interim report Lehrevaluation ist mehr als Lehrveranstaltungsevaluation (2009), four thematic areas of equal relevance to quality in teaching were identified, and subsequently the appropriate papers were produced:

  • Courses
    Teaching, Quality, Evaluation. An Applied Concept (2010)
  • Curricula
    What Constitutes a Good Curriculum? An Applied Position (2012)
  • Infrastructure and Organization
    Infrastructure and Organization as a Focus of Quality Enhancement in Teaching (2015)
  • Qualification and Further Education of Teachers
    Teacher Qualification and Qualification Enhancement at the Angewandte (2017)


The first two papers already were implemented by the Unit for Quality Enhancement (UQE), on behalf of the Rectorate. The realization of the third paper and fourth paper is in process.