Stage and Film Design

Head: Univ.-Prof. Mag. art. Bernhard Kleber
On the basis of a precise analysis of the historical practice and theory of stage and film design and its contextual links to fine art, the Stage and Film Design Department develops a (new) definition of the profession, which is in transition, and pursues the integration of the increasingly evident medial forms of expression within the theatrical context of space/body/text. Using fundamental theatrical and craft skills positions as platform, the aim is to integrate the neighbouring arts and interdisciplinary forms of expression in theoretical, methodological and practical terms into the process of creating spaces for the stage and film.

Word and sound (literature and music), light, movement and bodies in the constantly changing stage and film ambience are searching for flexible-experimental, theatrical venues, which are also found beyond the bounds of established theatres. Installations, performances, events and multimedia exhibition architecture form the modules with which the classic area of activity of the stage designer is expanded. The declared aim is to furnish students with the content-related, technical and formal tools, which will provide them with access to all existing theatrical situations, as well as those awaiting development, and enhance their market and competitive capabilities.

Practical internships and assistant posts in the film and theatre industries offer the possibility to examine the lessons learned and to originate flexible strategies for the creation of an individual positioning within the context of global competition. The practical experience gained in the theatre also serves as feedback for the training available at the university. Not only are synergies created between the teaching on offer within the Institute and international university relationships, but also the differing levels of experience of the students.

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