Information for Department Heads

Presentation of the department in the Intellectual Annual Report ("Wissensbilanz")

Every year, the Angewandte releases a report to inform the in-house and the external public about relevant activities. You can use this possibility for an internal and external communication of activities of your department to write a short text (maximum one page in A4 format). This presentation should focus on the following points:

  • interesting work results,
  • retrospect review about concrete activities,
  • currently relevant projects,
  • perspectives of the department.

(see, for example "Wissensbilanz" 2013, page 60 continued)
Please send text contributions to:

Involvement in the design of the Development Plan ("Entwicklungsplan")

Every third year, the Angewandte describes its vision, profile and strategic planning as a basis for the performance agreements (performance contracts) that are being negotiated between the Republic of Austria and the Angewandte.

As department chair you are involved in the process of designing the Development Plan and formulating the goals of the Angewandte in the following way:
  1. the profile and further development of your department (presentation of thematic focus in the present and near future, in a concise written textual form)
  2. through your content-related recommendations for a further development of the Angewandte as a basis for discussion (proposals can be developed in reference to the department profile, but may also address other subjects (themes) that are relevant to the Angewandte).

There is a question guideline or outline proposal as a supportive tool offer for designing and updating the department profile, which can be utilized for conducting a conversation with the Unit for Quality Enhancement that may draft for you a first text version
(appointment under or telephone extension 2751).

Evaluation of teaching of a department

For the evaluation of teaching of an entire department (organizational unit) the peer review procedure is appropriate. With professional guidance (moderation), you initially review and define, in cooperation with your department, the status quo and the relevant questions. Following this, you determine development possibilities in teaching. For this purpose a professional agency or a group of external peers are being commissioned. The result is a document with concrete recommendations.
Unit of Quality Enhancement

Unit of Quality Enhancement

Unit of Quality Enhancement