Study in alternate.mode

All staff members of the department of Student and Academic Affairs are currently in improvised home offices, some need to handle child care on top of that.  In addition, the technical equipment available to them is a challenge and slows down their work.

During this time, the dept. of Student and Academic Affairs can only be contacted at; there are no deliveries of post.

For the duration of alternate.mode, the dept. of Student and Academic Affairs waives the requirement to present original documents and accepts scanned documents instead. In case of justified exceptions, the department may also accept photos of documents.

By the same token, the department will not issue stamped and signed documents, instead they will produce PDF documents bearing the University‘s official digital signature (Amtssignatur). After approval of continuation, the confirmation of study continuation and study confirmation form are automatically available in the student Online-Service (PDF Archive). Student ID cards are only issued or extended if required - we ask you to contact us individually by email.

We endeavour to keep all necessary procedures running. If you send your first email to us describing your request as precisely and as detailed as possible, this will help us to assist you as quickly as possible.
All department staff works in an improvised home office for the time being, some of us also taking care of their children. The equipment is also a challenge, slowing down our work.

All the best for you in these unusual times!

the Office of Student and Academic Affairs team
95% of all courses take place as distance teaching, including all necessary exams. The appropriate information is available in the Base Angewandte. All other courses have been deleted from the Base course directory.
Students are only permitted to enter the University buildings for

  • • picking up borrowed books or picking up / depositing material (effective from 11.5.) (both in the atrium of VZA 7)
  • • working on tasks necessary to qualify for graduation – as exceptions only, after approval has been obtained from the supervising tutor
For further information please see the guidelines "Infrastructure in distance operation“.
The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research passed a Regulation to ensure that the current semester has no effect on the entitlement for study allowances. Further regulations (e.g. regarding the total duration of study, family subsidy) have not yet been passed, but may follow.

Current information in respect of such matters can be found on the websites of both the Federal Students‘ Union and the hufak, the Students‘ Union of the Angewandte.
For the summer semester of 2020, the rectorate decided on a regulation that allows for an exceptional exemption from tuition fees in case of financial hardship. This applies to EU students and third-countries students in equal measure.

For further information see here – please remember to include the three required attachments straightaway when sending your application, and please understand that dealing with your application may take some time.