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Sommer, Bernhard Univ.-Ass. Dipl.-Ing.

Vortrag "MythomaniaS", desk crits
http://www.dieangewandte.at/jart/prj3/angewandte/main.jart?rel=de&reserve-mode=active&content-id=1229508255636&aktuelles_id=1415637864464 IoA ED—LECTURE MythomaniaS is a series of case studies - in the form of films, architectural fragments, texts, and images - started in 2012 by M4 / bkk / Francois Roche & Camille Lacadee and others… under New-Territories [eIf/bʌt/c] MindMachineMakingMyths. We are in between a ‘place’ and a mindscape… we approach individualities, and architecture is subjected… vectored to reflect, condemn, contradict, imprison, perhaps liberate (…) the psyche and its mechanics. Psychotic machines, psychotic apparatuses and fragments … Bodies in verse, bodies-becoming… are meeting in the stories of their symptoms… plausible. The ‘forbidden’ is reintroduced as a possible, and, what was rejected or considered as an improper ingredient within our computer graphic idealization of the world is coming back like a George Bataille’ substance… in a repulsive ‘curiouser and curiouser’ affinity. The human being isn’t any more considered as a bio-eco-consumer but is drifting into a psycho-computing-animal which defi(n)es its situation and condition of living simultaneously to the architecture’s emergences, as a co-dependency, a co-relationship… for a Siamese twin alienation (the eggs and the chicken together with the cat of Schrödinger). Para-psychoses, projections of the mind, delusions and singularities seem more relevant: Lines of Subjectivities vs Function, Bodies vs Body, Substances vs Design, Scenario vs Concept… ‘Pataphysics vs pseudo-Scientific Mystical Positivism, Strategies of Resistance and Negotiation vs Parametric Autism … Fragments differ from time to time: shelter made of stones and lachrymatories (as in “… Would Have Been My Last Complaint”), woven bamboo (“the Feral Child”), stifling anatomical membranes (“(beau)strosity “), aquaria-like protrusions of blown glass (” Although (in) hapnea “) or spiral-shaped ceramic endless assemblages (“Terra Insola”). Environments as symptoms of an inner condition, in a constant exchange between narrative and emergence, providing the “raison d’ être” of the entire process: a storytelling manifested in the creation of a fiction which uses an emerging structure as a by-product and where a material structure with its physical characteristics takes shape and instructs the story. Each scenario is a description of a condition of solitude in relation to a symptomatic emergent structure, where the fragment is the very “raison d’être” of his/her emotions: the true story of an old Indian book collector exiled from his community on the suspicion of atheism, who finds refuge in a tear-collecting shelter (“… Would Have Been My Last Complaint”); a scientist captured by a water spirit remains trapped like a fish in the mindscape of a fish butcher (“Although (in) hapnea”); a monster-boy endomorph constantly overfed, protected in a claustrophilic antidote-jacket from the love excess of his incestuous mother (“(beau)strosity”) ; the suspended time of Ariadne floating between two periods, two macho spirals, testosteroned Theseus and alcoholic Dionysus (“Terra Insola”) ; the feral child, innocent, naïve, and obscene, in the deep jungle, auscultated by scientism and voyeurism (“the Offspring”) ; the ‘difference and repetition’ of an affective alienation become caged food in the pursuit of the book of Gilles Deleuze (∑days)… etc. Website - http://www.new-territories.com/props.htm Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/mindmachinemakingmyths Vimeo - http://vimeo.com/user13805247
Bernhard Sommer
Francois Roche
Datum, Zeit und Ort
2014-11-28 – 2014-11-29
Paris (Frankreich)