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Sommer, Bernhard Univ.-Ass. Dipl.-Ing.

[A]FA GHANA - Ecologic Strategies for the Devolopement of Guabuliga
Architektur, Bauphysik
Bauhaus.SOLAR AWARD 2012 Distinction [applied] Foreign Affairs "Guabuliga: Well by the Thorn Tree" has been awarded a distinction in the annual Bauhaus.SOLAR AWARD in Erfurt, Germany, for its "on site analysis and its development and response to a complex problem". The distinction was rewarded with € 3000,- and a place in the Bauhaus.SOLAR Conference that seeks" to exchange and develop innovative and pioneering concepts, projects and research findings from the renewable energy sector". Congratulations to Baerbel Mueller and her students Christian Car, Joseph Hofmarcher, Ioana Petkova, Jürgen Strohmayer, Stefanie Theuretzbacher and Theresa Theuretzbacher! The [Applied] Foreign Affairs, a lab established in WS 2011/12 at the IoA investigating spatial and cultural phenomena in rural and urban Sub-Saharan Africa, started off investigating the status and potential of Guabuliga, a remote village located in the tree savannah of Northern Ghana. Research started in Vienna with the goals of defining growth parameters and projecting growth patterns for the village. Guabuliga’s chief had invited [a]FA to collaborate and to articulate strategies towards an ecological future for his village. During a three week fieldwork phase in February 2012, an interdiscipli- nary team of six students extensively mapped the current physiognomy of the village. Guabuliga’s founding myth – the well by the thorn tree – is the conceptual starting point for coming up with contextual but novel spatial and programmatic scenarios, variations on ideal growth forecasts for Guabuliga 2022. Parallel to these investigations of planning scale, each participant worked individually on a narrative mapping, in which a specific ‘intensity’ of Guabuliga was identified, captured, and translated into an artistic, documental, or scientific piece. [A]FA GHANA has been taught by Baerbel Mueller in collaboration with the architects Bernhard Sommer and Joe Osae-Addo, the artists Nikolaus Gansterer and Bernard Akoi-Jackson, and is implemented in partnership with the NGO Braveaurora and Chief Salifu Mahama Tampurie.
Bernhard Sommer
Titel der Veranstaltung
5. Internationalen Kongress Bauhaus.SOLAR
Bärbel Müller
Datum, Zeit und Ort
2012-11-13 – 2012-11-14
Erfurt (Deutschland)