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Färber, Martin Univ.-Ass. Mag. des. ind.

Wo ist das Kind?
The exhibition "Wo ist das Kind" at the Gallery of the City of Villach showed works and projects realized by guests, graduates, students and teachers of the master's program "Social Design-Arts as Urban Innovation", which was founded in 2012 at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The title of the program may lead to the assumption that the social was placed above the social, that social designers help and step in. Individual commitment, emphatic thinking or willingness to help without hesitation are certainly personal prerequisites for dedicating oneself to this study. But in the Social Design Studio, solidarity is understood as a socio-political category that requires new and unusual approaches. The aim is to provoke a rethinking or a new way of thinking that can lead to social change. The Social Design Studio and its guests respond to current needs intensively as well as sustainably, young as well as committed, polyglot as well as comprehensible, low-threshold as well as qualitative, artistic as well as tangible, with interventions, programs, series that keep their finger on the pulse of difficult times and (not only) urban needs. Ultimately, this young study program is still and always about the great demand formulated and courageously advocated by artists for an interweaving of art and life, and thus the title of a work by the artist and critical thinker Asger Jorn from 1962 captures the concern of the Social Design Studio with due poignancy: "The avant-garde does not surrender". (Text: Brigitte Felderer) The exhibition was conceived by Brigitte Felderer and Anna Vasof.
Social Design Students, Social Design Staff, Social Design Alumni, Guests of Social Design, Martin Färber
Brigitte Lachmayer-Felderer, Anna Vasof
Datum, Eröffnung und Ort
2019-11-08 – 2019-12-07
Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach, KA, Austria