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The third edition of Contemporary Art Festival VIDEOPARK will be held  this year in Uzice from 22-24. July in the Reflector Gallery, Milosa Obrenovica 15, Uzice, Serbia.
On the three-day program, you will be able to watch some of the films, documentaries and experimental works of artists from all over the world, as well as an ongoing exhibition by artists from Austria and Serbia, and students from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The selection of this year's Videopark festival Zill feature 34 videos by authors from Spain, Brazil, Israel, USA, Costa Rica, Turkey, Australia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Great Britain, Mexico, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Canada, Estonia, Iran and Croatia. and Austria.During a eight-day residency-research program and excursions to various sites and places in the Uzice and its surrounding, artists and students will try to uncover the paradigms and matrices that are woven into the phenomena of individual and collective situations that have occurred throughout the long history of this city.
The inspiration for this year's topic of the "Hospitable Utopia", came from the reflection and remembrance of previous events that took place throughout the past. Artists and students with the support of the curatorial team Improper Walls from Austria would try to clarify various ideologies, which left their mark in space and architecture, and at the same time made an immeasurable contribution to the historical complexity as well as to the cultural heritage of this location. By opening questions of identity, real truths, political correctness, collective phenomenologies, but also alluding to the problems of migrants, borders, cumulative indifference, artists will try to reflect their art practice through the prism of these cases and phenomena.
The goal of the "Videopark" festival is to acquaint the general public with contemporary artistic practices in the field of video, film and moving images, as well as to point out the insufficient affirmation of this type of artistic expression. Presenting experimental works that through a wide range of visual forms, processes and practices include questions and contribute to creative and critical understanding of reality, as well as the application of forms of modern digital media, are just some of the things promoted by "Videopark". Working with the local community, supporting decentralization in the arts and creating a platform for all young artists, the goal of the Association of Visual Artists from Uzice is to redirect the center from large cultural centers, festivals and art fairs to smaller places, and to create a place for mutual and mutual support. All visual artists who mainly use video as the basic language of artistic expression.
Residency in Uzice: 17-25.07.2021
Festival program: 22-24.07 from 20:00 till 23:00
Exhibition: 24.07.2021 at 21:00h
Artists (Austria)
Olivier Hölzl , Verena Tscherner, Georgij Melnikov , Lena Violetta Leitner, Miloš Vučićević, Els Van Houtert, Marko Marković, Christos Kyritopoulos, Jelena Marta Glišić, Radomirka Siljanovski, Nenad Nedeljkov, Dejan Clement, Justina Šperiokaite, Urte Šperiokaite, Ale Zapata, Milica Dukić, Lindsey Nicholson, Eugenie Desmedt, Marton Zalka, Margit Busch, Aurianne Chevandier and others.
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