How to contact the Office for Student and Academic Affairs
Due to the current Covid-19 situation there are no public opening hours of our department until further notice. Also the availabilty via phone is limited.
The department is best available via (Individual appointments can be made if necessary.)


Admission for studies requires an online application within the stated admission period (see Academic Calendar), following the respective requirements.

Use this LINK for the Online Admission Procedure!

Initial admission

Admission to a diploma, bachelor, and master programme requires proof of artistic aptitude in the framework of an entrance examination.
Admission to studies (only possible within the admission period!) is granted upon successful completion of the entrance examination and the payment of the Austrian Student Union fee and if applicable, the Tuition fee. Successful completion of the entrance examination is valid for a total of three semesters. this means that studies can also commence at a later date. The required tuition fees / Student Union fees need to be transferred to our bank account. Details about the admission process are provided in the checklist.

Additional requirements
  • For diploma degree programmes in Industrial Design, or the bachelor programme in Art Education and the bachelor programme in Cross-Disciplinary Strategies, proof of completion of the Austrian school leaving examination (Matura) or an international equivalent is also required in addition to the entrance examination.
  • For master programmes in Architecture, Art & Science, Global Challenges and Sustainable Developments, Social Design, Studies in Art and Cultur and TransArts , proof of successful completion of a domestic diploma or bachelor degree (or foreign equivalent) - in a related field must be provided in addition to the entrance examination. For detailed information please see the curriculum of the respective study programme.
The admission for winter semester 2021/22 will take place exclusively online. All necessary information HERE.

Initial admission

Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art)

Admission requires the successful completion of the selection process. For further details please contact the Zentrum Fokus Forschung.

Initial admission

Scientific Doctoral programme

in Philosophy, Natural Sciences or Technical Sciences
At the moment, information about admission to Scientific Doctoral programmes is available only in German language. English translation coming soon.

Admission to postgraduate programmes requires an assessment of aptitude by the respective head of the programme. Specific information about the requirements and programme fees can be received in the office of the respective study programme.

General Information

Beside admission to a degree programme, it is also possible to attend individual courses and examinations in the framework of a non-degree programme. However, lectures in artistic subjects are generally excluded - attendable courses are marked with "Besuch einzelner Lehrveranstaltungen: möglich" on base Angewandte.


General Information

Degree programme students at Austrian universities can attend additional lectures at the “Angewandte” and have them recognised in accordance with the regulations of their primary university. This is only possible with courses marked with "Mitbelegung möglich" – see base Angewandte.
For students at "Fachhochschulen", "Pädagogischen Hochschulen" or "Privatuniversitäten" co-registration at the "Angewandte" is not possible.


Admission as a co-registered student is only valid for one semester and must be renewed each subsequent semester.

The University of Applied Arts Vienna is participating in the MORE-initiative of the Austrian universities, in order to help refugees gain access to higher education. MORE students have the possibility to attend individual courses and examinations. However, lectures in artistic subjects are generally excluded. Attendable courses are marked with "Besuch einzelner Lehrveranstaltungen: möglich" in Courses Online (Base).

Women and men with the following residence permits can participate:
  • Asylum-Seekers with a residence entitlement card acc. to Art. 51 Asylum Act
  • Recognised refugees
  • Persons who have been granted subsidiary protection acc. to Art. 52 Asylum Act
  • Persons who have been granted temporary leave to remain acc. to Art. 46a Aliens Police Act
The mentioned groups of persons are exempted from payment of the tuition fee, if they can show at least one course for which they are granted admission due to their ability to participate in a beneficial way. (Approval of the head of the respective course is needed.)

Admission is possible until 30 November for the winter semester and until 30 April for the summer semester. Exact dates are stated in the academic calendar.
For information about admission please contact the office for Student and Academic Affairs:

Information about courses is accessible via Base Angewandte - please read the course description for detailed information also about teaching language, and/or contact the teaching person directly concerning admission to the course.
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Re-Admission to a Diploma/Bachelor/Master programme

For renewed admission, confirmation of a study place (an application for resumed studies signed by the professor of the main artistic subject or head of programme) and the completed registration form is required

Please note that re-admission to studies with a main artistic subject is only possible when it can be proven that no more than three semesters were completed with a negative assessment.

Re-Admission to a scientific doctoral programme

For renewed admission, confirmation of a study place (application for resumed studies signed by the advisor) and the completed registration form is required.
Foreign students who would like to study for one or two semesters in the framework of the ERASMUS programme or any other international scholarship programme are admitted as degree programme students upon application within the admission period.


for the Academic Year 2022/23

consists of two parts

1st part: ONLINE-Application
>>via Applicationtool
  • The online registration and the upload of the application documents  are the prerequisite for the admission to the practical entrance examination (2nd part).
2nd part: PRACTICAL Task
>> depending on the department either in Vienna or by video conference
  • only with Invitation letter from the departement
The dates, link to the Applicationtool and detailed information regarding the Online-Application and the practical task can be found under