How to contact the Office for Student and Academic Affairs
Due to the current Covid-19 situation there are no public opening hours of our department until further notice. Also the availabilty via phone is limited.
The department is best available via (Individual appointments can be made if necessary.)

Study route

In fields of study with a main artistic subject (Fine Arts, Stage Design, Design, Conservation and Restoration, Media Design) one of the prescribed courses from the main artistic subject must be completed each semester. An exception to this rule is permissible three times.

Warning: Non-observance of this rule leads to the termination of admission to study!
In the case of a negative assessment of a course from the main artistic subject, the course can be repeated - this is deemed an initial repeat examination. An eventual second or third repeat examination in commission form may also take place in one single examination procedure.
Use of main artistic subjects of other departments
During the course of study every student in diploma, bachelor, or master programmes has the opportunity to attend up to two semesters of artistic training in another field of study and to receive assessment, which will be automatically recognised in the main field of study. The required application - which must be approved by the supervising professors of both the main and secondary field of study - is available in the Office of Student and Academic Affairs.
ONLY for students in Fine Arts - Attending other main artistic subjects
Students of Fine Arts earn the right to attend ZKF-courses based on the entrance examination’s positive appraisal by the examination board responsible for this particular ZKF or – as an alternative for students from another ZKF – based on the positive assessment of a portfolio presented for this purpose to the head of the appropriate artistic department.
Co-registration at other universitites
Students in diploma, bachelor, master, or doctoral programmes have the opportunity to attend various courses at other universities; for information about admission and accessible courses please contact the respective university. A co-registration is only valid for one semester.

Co-registration at Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität
Based on a cooperation between Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversität and the University of Applied Arts Vienna, regular students may mutually visit courses (also artistic subjects) from the respective partner university. For participating in main artistic subjects, individual approval - given by the head of the course - is a precondition.

Information can be found here, the range of courses is stated at the website of our cooperation partner - KONSonline.
A change in the field of study is only possible with a preceding entrance examination for the desired field of study. In Fine Arts (Photography, Graphics, Painting, Painting and Animated Film, Landscape Art), Design (Applied Photography and Time-based Media, Graphic Design, Graphics and Advertising, Fashion), and Media Arts (Transmedia Art, Digital Art), a change between the individual study areas is possible and can be applied for within the admission period.
In order to obtain a duplicate of student identification, a report of loss or theft must be submitted in the Office of Student and Academic Affairs. When you have lost your degree certificate or supplementary documents, an application for duplication must also be submitted. A form for this purpose is available in the Office of Student and Academic Affairs.
Upon non-payment of the Austrian Student Union fee or the requested tuition fee, studies terminate with the end of the admission period (30 November and 30 April). A discontinuation of studies can also be actively announced at any point in the year. The notification of withdrawal from studies is the confirmation of this. It is available upon request in the Office of Student and Academic Affairs.
The conclusion of every field of study offered by the University of Applied Arts is the degree, bachelor, or master examination, or the doctoral examination (Rigorosen).

More information about academic grades can be found here. Past degree theses can be found in our database of graduation projects.
Changes in Curricula
In the course of study there can always be occasional changes in the curriculum and thereby changes in the courses requested.