Working Group on Equal Treatment Issues

ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. art. Dr. phil. Marion Elias, VAss. Mag. phil. Veronika Schnell, Dr. Johanna Schmidt
Office: FOI Eva Hinterbuchinger
Office hours: Tue - Thu 10:00 am - 12:00

Areas of activity for the Working Group on Equal Treatment Issues at the University of Applied Arts, based on its legal mandate (Universities Act 2002, Article 42, Paragraph 1 and the Federal Equal Treatment Act, BGBl 100/1993 as amended by BGBl I 65/2004 Article 41, Paragraph 2):

"At every university, the Senate is required to establish a Working Group on Equal Treatment Issues, which will work against discrimination by university institutions on grounds of gender, and advise and support the members and institutions of the University on issues of equality between women and men, as well as women’s advancement (Article 42, Paragraph 1, Universities Act 2002).
Furthermore, the Working Group on Equal Treatment Issues is responsible for matters of equal opportunity irrespective of ethnicity, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation (Article 41, Paragraph 2, B-GlBG) [Federal Equal Treatment Act, BGBl 100/1993, as amended BGBl I 65/2004]."

Advise and support all University workers, teachers, researchers, students and applicants on issues of equality, women’s advancement and protection against discrimination.
  • Supervision of personnel matters at the university, e.g. application and appointment procedures, and habilitation.
  • Representation in an advisory role in the University Council and Senate and in committees appointed by them.
  • Decision-making: Where there are grounds for suspicion of discrimination in connection with a decision of a university institution, the decision may be contested, in accordance with the statutory provisions.
  • First contact for cases of mobbing and sexual or gender-based harassment. Confidential advice on and / or mediation for professional support.
Moreover, the Working Group on Equal Treatment Issues shall, through representations or in personal discussions with senior university members, work towards achieving non-discriminatory personnel and organizational policies. Equality of treatment and status should - especially in the university environment - be simply a matter of course. As an independent body, the Working Group on Equal Treatment Issues will continue to work for the establishment and realization of this ‘matter of course’.

The members can be contacted through the Office of the Working Group on Equal Treatment Issues at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

  • Univ.-Lekt. Ing. Kari Bauer
  • Mag.rer.soc.oec. Astrid Behrens
  • ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil. Marion Elias
  • Dr. phil. Elisabeth Frottier, MAS
  • AProf. Mag.rer.nat.  Dr.phil. Regina Hofmann-de Keijzer
  • ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. phil. Gabriele Jutz,
  • ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil. Ruth Mateus-Berr
  • Barbara Ruder, ÖH
  • Jennifer Schleif, ÖH
  • Min.Rat. Mag. Dr. Johanna Schmidt
  • Michael Wilhelm Schneider, MFA
  • VAss. Mag.phil. Veronika Schnell
  • ADir. Sabina Szatko
  • Univ.-Ass. Stefan Wirnsperger
  • AProf. Reiner Zettl
  • Univ.-Prof. Judith Eisler, BFA,
  • Eva Hinterbuchinger,
  • Prof. Elisabeth Kohlweiss,
  • Mag. Doris Löffler, MBA,
  • Mag.phil. Maria Pimminger