Representation of interests

Prof. Margarete Neundlinger MA,
Design, Material Culture and Experimental Practices (dex)
1st Deputy Chairperson   

Sen.Sc. Mag.phil. Boris Manner, 

Zentrum für Kunst und Wissenstransfer
Bitte mit Lehre klären
2nd Deputy Chairperson     

Sen.Art. Christian Steiner
Industrial Design 1
AProf. Mag.phil. Sophie Geretsegger

Art History


Sen.Art. Hans Lindner
Wood Technology
Sen.Sc. Dr.phil. Anna Spohn
Art Theory

Sen.Art. Claudia Reifberger
Sen.Art. Nicolaj Kirisits
Digital Arts

Sen.Lect. Maria Wiala
Ceramics Studio
Office, Works Council Artistic-Scientific:
Christina Androsch

Works Council Members:

Member List „Angewandte Dialog“

Robert Müller, Chairperson

Logistics & Central Procurement, Tel.: 01 711 33 2093 DW,

Christina Androsch, Deputy Chairperson

Works Council Office Artistic-Scientific, Tel. 01 711 33 2171 DW,

Mag.rer.soc.oec. Margit Hartel

University and Quality Enhancement, 01 711 33 2753 DW,

(Mag.phil. Sabine Peternell) - mandate temporarily dormant

Institute of Architecture, Tel. 01 711 33 2331 DW,

Member List „Wir für Euch“

Annetraud Haslbeck

University Library, Tel. 01 711 33 2266 DW,

Gabriela Huber, Deputy Chairperson

Central Computing Services, Tel. 01 711 33 2101 DW,

Walter Haibl

Logistics & Central Procurement, 01 711 33 2213 DW,

Replacement Members:

Member List „Angewandte Dialog“

Gabriele Pichler

Event Management, 01 711 33 2640 DW,

DI Dr.phil. Florian Bettel

Support Art and Research, Tel. 01 711 33 2813 DW,

Monika Kaczek

Cultural Studies, 01 711 33 2773 DW,

Member List „Wir für Euch“

M.A. MAS Marietta Böning

Office of Vice-Rectorate for Research and Diversity, 01 711 33 2755 DW,

Shirley Thurner

Event Management, 01 711 33 2022 DW,

Michael Brom

Logistics & Central Procurement, 01 711 33 2213,

Leopold Probst

Facility Technics, 01 711 33 2200 DW,

Alexander Bosek

University Library, 01 711 33 2267 DW,

Chairing Team effective from July 2019
Nora Licka, Chairperson
Rebecca Sternberg, 1st Deputy Chairperson
Jonas Jahns, 2nd Deputy Chairperson
Administrative Office: Elisabeth Wettstein
Members of the Senate:
Rebecca Sternberg
Sarah Glück
Hanna Graberberger
Alberta Sinani
Replacement Members:
Pamela Bartar
Felix Huber
Jonas Jahns

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 10:00 - 13:00 hrs
Phone: 711 33 2270

The Student Union at the University of Applied Arts Vienna - HUFAK – represents general and studies-related interests of the students against governmental offices and university bodies. In addition, they are involved in public authorities and institutions, in the University senate and its committees and sub-committees. They also examine draft laws that concern student affairs.

University Representatives
Advisor and Team
We provide answers to nearly all questions … be it studying at the Angewandte or abroad, social and project support, childminding, legal matters, organizing parties, who to turn to for specific issues, or how to realize very special projects.