Doctoral Programme

in Natural Sciences

Academic degree: Dr.rer.nat.
Duration: 6
The goal of this doctoral degree programme at the University of Applied Arts Vienna is to contribute to the advancement of sciences through guided but ultimately independent research in the fields of Philosophy, Technical Sciences, and Natural Sciences. 
Students of the doctoral degree programme acquire the ability to solve complex scientific problems in basic and applied research on a high international level in accordance with recognised scientific standards. Furthermore, the doctoral degree programme serves to promote and support young scientific talents.

Graduates activities

Graduates of the scientific doctoral degree programme 
  • are able to conduct innovative research, both independently or as part of a team, and to assume coordinating and leadership roles. 
  • are able to research autonomously, develop projects and criticise in a well-founded manner the methods and developmental logics of the sciences. They should not only produce ideas for others but should also use their ability of reflection to leave pre-determined tracks. They should be able to navigate with confidence in the field of their dissertation.
  • will mainly find occupation in discipline-specific scientific areas of work and may choose from aspectrum of scientific, art-critical, curatorial, artistic, or journalistic careers.