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general documents/publications
A Grassroots, Handmade Venice Architecture Biennale from Alejandro Aravena. (newspaper review). (artist), Österreich. 2016
Abfall Reduzieren, Risiken Minimieren. (newspaper review). (artist), Berlin (Deutschland). 2016
Center for Fulfillment, Knowledge and Innovation. (newspaper review). (artist), New York (USA). 2016
Greg Keynote Speaker Write-up. (newspaper review). (artist), USA. 2016
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Greg Lynn Form, Hammer Fountain. (newspaper review). (artist), Deutschland. 2016
KOL/MAC, O/K Apartment. (artistic publication). (author), Kanada. 2016
Log 36, Robolog. (artistic book/catalogue). (editor), New York (USA). 2016
Log 37. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), USA. 2016
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Goodbye Tectonics, Hello Composites. (scientific publication). (author), USA. 2013
Beyond Tectonics, or Cooking Things in a Bag. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Österreich. 2012
From Tectonics to Composites. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), USA. 2012
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Rappolt, Mark. Greg Lynn Form. (artistic publication). (author), Österreich. 2008
Famous. (newspaper review). (artist), Cambridge (USA). 2006
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Intricacy. (scientific publication). (author), Argentinien. 2006
Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture. (newspaper review). (artist), Los Angeles (USA). 2006
The Talented Mr. Tracer. (artistic publication). (author), New York (USA). 2006
research and projects
Vitra 2020
5900 Wilshire Restaurant Pavilion 2009
Index:Awards 2009
Sociopolis 2009
BMW Design Headquarters Competition 2008
Gwanggyo Landmark Tower Competition 2008
ISTA Lecture Hall Competition 2008
Murray Residence Canopy 2008
Museum Pavilion no.3, Saadiyat Cultural Development 2008
Recycled Toy Furniture 2008
Atlantis Sentosa Integrated Resort 2007
BMW Design Headquarters Competition 2007
Blob Wall 2007
ISTA Lecture Hall Competition 2007
Murray Residence Canopy 2007
Museum Pavillion no. 3, Saadiyat Cultural Deve 2007
5900 Wilshire 2006
Guggenheim Biennale Park Pavilion 2006
Integrated Resort 2006
Oro d´autore Project 2006
Slavin House 2006
Sociopolis 2006
Atelier Swarovski
Atelier Swarovski Home
Gita & Kilo for Piaggio Fast Forward
Microclimate Chair with Nike
Other Space Odysseys
RV Prototype
awards and grants
2020 RED DOT WINNER 2020
Award for Teaching Excellence 2013
Hay Research Grant for research in motion and perception 2012
United States Artist Fellow 2010
Golden Lion for Best Installation Project 2008
Archeology of the Digital III: Complexity and Convention 2016
Applied Design 2013–2014
Greg Lynn FORM: Stranded Sears Tower 2013–2014
Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital 2013–2014
A New Sculpturalism: Contemporary Architecture from Southern California 2013
Archaeology of the Digital 2013
Seismic Shifts: 10 Visionaries in Contemporary Art and Architecture 2013
Seismic Shifts: 10 Visionaries in Contemporary Art and Architecture 2013
Alessi Supple Cups 2012
Flatware Prototypes 2012
The Secret Table; The Magic of Diversity 2012
194X-9/11: American Architects and the City 2011–2012
Collecting Eames: the JF Chen Collection 2011
No Object is an Island 2011
Predator Collaboration with Fabian Marcaccio 2011
Return of Noever 2011
Superba 2011
Hyperlinks 2010–2011
Azriele School of Architecture 2010
Princeton: lecture Series 2010
University Shanghai Lecture 2010
From the Spoon to the City 2009–2010
Transitory Objects 2009–2010
Design Miami 2009
Extreme Frontiers/Urban Frontiers 2009
HSBC Designer´s Lounge 2009
Recycled Toys 2009
Sciara Lantern 2009
Sensate: Bodies& Design 2009
Swarovski Crystal Palace 2009
The Modern Wing Opnening Exhibition 2009
Sliver Gallery: Recycled Toy Furniture 2008–2009
Design Life Now: National Design Triennal 2008
Design and the Elastic Mind 2008
Greg Lynn Blobwall 2008
Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling 2008
Performalism: Form, Function and performance in Digital Architecture 2008
Venice Biennale: Recycled Toy Furniture 2008
Design Life Now 2007–2008
Figuration in Contemporary Design 2007–2008
Entropy: The Art in Architects 2007
MyHome 2007
Nature Design 2007
Second Skin 2007
Second Skin 2007
National Design Triennial: Design Life Now 2006–2007
Skin and Bones, Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture 2006–2007
Skin and Bones, Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture 2006–2007
The Gen(H)ome Project 2006–2007
The Gen(H)ome project 2006–2007
100x100 2006
AGGV Architectural Utopia 2006
Bulusmalaar 06 2006
Entry 2006 2006
Fifty years of Art, Architecture, Photography, Film and Video 2006
The World in One City: A Sketch for London 2006
Archiskulptur: Dialogues between Architecture as Sculpture from 18th Century 2005–2006
Studio Professor 2013
Visiting Professor of Architectural Design 2013
Studio Professor 2012
Visiting Professor of Architectural Design 2012
Tel Aviv Hypostyle Hall 2010
Yale 2009–2016
UCLA Disney Suprstudio 2009
Yale Bank Studio 2009
Balmer Professorship 2008
William B. and Charlotte Sheperd Davenport Visiting Professor 2000–2020
Visiting Professor 1997–2020
conferences & symposia
Finals. (guest lecture). (organisation), USA. 2011
Finals. (guest lecture). (organisation), Niederlande. 2011
Review guest. (guest lecture). (organisation), USA. 2011
Workshop. (guest lecture). (organisation), USA. 2011
Architecture and Beauty: A troubled relationship. (conference). (attendance), USA. 2010
Finals. (guest lecture). (organisation), USA. 2010
Finals. (guest lecture). (organisation), USA. 2010
Finals. (guest lecture). (organisation), Niederlande. 2010
Finals. (guest lecture). (organisation), GB u. Nordirland. 2010
Finals. (guest lecture). (organisation), USA. 2010
5D: The Future of Immersive Design, Founder&Advisory Board Member. (conference). (attendance), Österreich. 2009
Sissigraph. (conference). (attendance), New Orleans (USA). 2009
conference contributions
Design Talks on Natural Motion 2016
Duels and Duets 2016
Fluid Force 2016
Keynote Speaker - Microsoft Build 2016
On the Move (Again) 2016
TRIMBLE DIMENSIONS - Keynote Speaker 2016
Where We Go From Here and Why 2014
Carbon Dating 2013
Carbon in Motion 2013
Moving a Composite Architeture 2013
Out of Time in Today’s World 2013
Out of Time in Today’s World 2013
Visions of the Future Symposium 2013
Designers on Stage 2012
Kreysler Lecture 2012
Massive Composites: An Architecture of Surfaces without Superficiality 2012
Transistance 2012
Visions of the Future 2012
What I Did Next: Animate Matter 2012
Light and Atmosphere 2011
Alex McDowell and Greg Lynn 2009
From the Spoon to the City 2009
Future of Design 2009
Opening Discussion 2009
What Modern Times Have Made of Palladio 2009
5D: The Future of Immersive Design Conference 2008
Aesthetics & Science 2008
Giant Robot Architecture 2008
Greg Lynn: I’ll see it when I know it 2008
I’ll see it when I know it 2008
MIND08: The Design & the Elastic Mind 2008
Part Animal: Part Two 2008
Plastic Form 2008
Special Effects 2008
The Dark Side Symposiom 2008
Urgency 2008
Venice Talks 2008
You´ll see it when you know it 2008
"Design and Pedagogy: Session IV:Core(s)" 2007
Autodesk University Event 2007
Carnegie Mellon - lecture 2007
Evoluererende vormen 2007
How cutting-edge designers harnessing the power of materials 2007
Richard Solomon Annual Lectureship for Young Architects and Architectural Critic 2007
“Seduction: Forms, Sensations and the Production of Architectural Desire,” 2007
Construction in Architecture 2006
Contamination:Impure Architecture 2006
Mapping Contemporary Studio Practices 2006
New Approaches to Exhibition Design 2006
The Gen(H)ome Project 2006
Moto Guzzi Campus Masterplan 2021
Piaggio Fast Forward Headquarter 2016
functions & practice
5D: The Future of Immersive Design 2009
BMW Vision Lab 2009
CATIA/Gehry Technologies Digital Project Software 2009
Princeton Advisory Committee 2009
general functions & practice
Alessi IN-Possible 2016–2017
"Close up" 2016
RV Prototype 2016
The Greg Lynn Show 2016
The Microclimate Chair 2016
United States Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016 2016
Andrew Holder, “The Stories Bricks Tell Themselves,” 2013
Architecture in Formation 2013
Chris Knapp, “The End of Prefabrication,” 2013
Christopher Mount, A New Sculpturalism 2013
Felix Burrichter, PIN-UP Interviews 2013
Hugo Dworzak, If Architecture, 202-203 2013
If I Can Take a Ride in a Driverless Car,” Peter Eisenman 2013
Pia Ednie-Brown, “On a Fine Line,” 2013
Webb, Michael, “Ace Adventurer 2013
Constructs 2012
Digital Fabrication in Architecture 2012
Harvest Jewels 2012
Inside Prefab: The Ready Made Interior 2012
Los Angeles: Residence Jason Bloom 2012
Mario Carpo, The Digital Turn in Architecture 2012
Tectonic Acts of Desire and Doubt 2012
The Digital Workflows in Architecture 2012
The Digital Workflows in Architecture 2012
The Iconic Interior 2012
Toyhouse, Case de Abitaire 2012
AIA Supports Gehry Technologies´ Strategic Alliance 2011
Autodesk and Gehry Technologies Working Together 2011
Autodesk and Gehry Technologies Working Together 2011
Autodesk and Gehry Technologies to Work Together to Improve the Way Buildings 2011
Autodesk buys into Frank Gehry´s Catia powered think tank 2011
Cultivating Creativity 2011
Frank Gehry Assembles Super Squad of Fellow High Profile Architects to Talk Tech 2011
Frank Gehry gathers architectural leaders to form strategic alliance 2011
Gehry Forms Alliance of Architects to Promote Technological Integration 2011
Gehry Technologies Transform the Building Industry and the Practice of Design 2011
Gehry Technologies raises S10m: Autodesk Leads Round 2011
Gehry Technologies to Transform the Buildung Industry through Technology 2011
Gehry to the Rescue with a Star-Studded Board 2011
Gehry: Transforming the building industry through technology 2011
Gestalten 2011
Instudio 2011
Shoot for the Stars 2011
Suprastudio 2012-2013 2011
frank Gehry Forms Strategic Alliance to Transform the Building Industry 2011
A Conversation with Greg Lynn 2010
A new Fort,er, Embassy, for London 2010
Animate Form 2010
Arts on Fire 2010
Destitute but not entirely devoid 2010
Greg lynn interviewed by Felix Burrichter 2010
Hyperlinks 2010
La nouvelle Odyssee de L´Espace 2010
Light Touch 2010
Now Showing: Contemplating the Void 2010
Pidgin Number 9 2010
Profile of Greg Lynn 2010
Ramping Up Wright´s Vision 2010
Super Modeling 2010
The Architecture of Patterns 2010
The Diagrams of Architecture 2010
Well Formed 2010
Why be antiquated? Design is one 2010
60 Innovators Shaping Our Creative Future 2009
99+ IOA Studios Hadid, Lynn, Prix 2009
Ahead of the Curve 2009
ArchitekturM 2009
Confines 2009
Destitute but Not Entirely Devoid 2009
Direct Action 2009
Greg Lynn 2009
Interview to Greg Lynn 2009
Interview with Greg Lynn 2009
Journey to the West, Fast Company 2009
LARC Awards 2009
LOG 2009
La Digitalizacion Toma el mando 2009
Optimisation Stories 2009
Projects Review 2009 2009
Quelques courbes d´avance 2009
Transitory Objects 2009
Angeleno Magazine 2008
Brillson, Leila, “Plastic Man” 2008
Buckingham, Jane, What’s Next: The Expert’s Guide, Predictions from 50 of Americ 2008
Bühlmann, Vera. Pre-Specifics 2008
Die Unterseite der Architektur, Raith, Karin 2008
Hawthorne, Christopher, “No Street Smarts Near LACMA” 2008
Hewitt, Alison, “Plastic ducky furniture? It’s a symbol of a revolution” 2008
Hight, Christopher, Architectural Principles in the Age of Cybernetics 2008
Hofmeister, Sandra. Mein Liebster Stuhl 2008
KCRW National Public Radio Design and Architecture 2008
KCRW National Public Radio Design and Architecture 2008
Kietzmann, Normal, “Greg Lynn” 2008
Marogna, Gege, “Il Mondo di Lynn 2008
Ouroussoff, Nicolai, “The Soul in the New Machines” 2008
Puglisi, Luigi Prestinenza, New Directions in Contemporary Architecture 2008
Rawsthorn, Alice, “Rethinking the Legacy of an Eccentric Maverick” 2008
Settle, Zoe, “20 Objects of Desire" 2008
The Museum of Modern Art, New York“ Design and the Elastic Mind 2008
“Blob Wall”, Transmaterial 2 2008
“Die Couch zum Bild" 2008
“Greg Lynn FORM”, a+u 2008
“Imagine – Materials, Structure and Climate” 2008
“Pionier van de Blobarchitectuur" 2008
“Productsphere” 2008
“The Armchair Architect” 2008
“The New Architecture” 2008
50 Manifastos 2007
A Brief Blackout 2007
A la Mode 2007
A virtual Reality 2007
Architecture in the Emirates 2007
Book of Wonder 2007
But we are still waiting for teleportation 2007
Can Architects make Art? 2007
Code-Bearing Structures 2007
Contemporary Church Architecture 2007
Cooking Class 2007
Environments 2007
Exhibitions: Dressing up Fashion, Dressing Down Architecture 2007
Figuration in Contemporary Design 2007
Innovate or Perish 2007
It makes sense 2007
LA New Bloods 2007
My Home is your Home 2007
Nature Design 2007
New and Notable 2007
QandA with Phyllies Lambert 2007
Ride the Wave 2007
Searching for a Premises 2007
Second Skin 2007
Show Challenges Bias against Ornamentation 2007
Slavin House 2007
Style: Prime Finds 2007
The new LA school 2007
Thinking with the hands 2007
Venice, California:bohemian Rhapsody 2007
A Movable Fest Could be Coming 2006
Architecture:nature 2006
Einführung und Eröffnung Vitra Showroom 2006
Front Runners 2006
Great Design United States 2006
Greg Lynn 2006
Living Environments: Homo habitans 2006
Makieta Marzen 2006
The Architect´s Newspaper 2006
The surreal world 2006
What comes after modernism? 2006
What´snew pussycat? 2006
When Kelly Met Gursky 2006
Closing the Gap
“Greg Lynn, Curve your Enthusiasm”
Ravioli Chair 2006
Design to Improve Life / Pavilions 2010
Greg Lynn Form New City 2016
Greg Lynn, Archaeology of the Digital Curator 2016
Machine Language 2007