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Deifel, Valerie Univ.-Ass. Mag.phil. Dr.phil.

14/16 I Ausstellungskoordination
14/16, on-site research micro-exhibits in six places
Transdisciplinary Art
14/16, on-site research micro-exhibits in six places In order to investigate the relationships between different artistic and scientific representational cultures, students of the master degree programme Art & Science left the studio at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and dispersed to several scientific partner institutions. They entered worlds with different questions and found open-minded researchers and scientists to carefully observe. Being not invisible themselves, the observers unwittingly left marks in their field of observation and quickly became study subjects as well. To reflect on this process of ‘observed investigation’ 16 students implemented 14 small site-specific works at the partner institutes creating a larger network of ‘micro exhibits’. A bus tour circumscribing the new found interlacing relations and now much extended lab space of the students concludes this winter semester’s journey: the search for correlations between art and science went beyond distanced observation and started to inspire relationships between different types of researchers. All places with exhibits: Department of Limnology, Althanstraße 14, 1090 Vienna Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology, Savoyenstraße 1, 1160 Vienna Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Am Campus 1, 3400 Klosterneuburg Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Vienna Kea Lab, Haidlhof 204, 2540 Großau/Bad Vösla Art & Science Studio, Vordere Zollamtsstraße 3, 1030 Vienna Based on a cooperation of the department of Limnology (University of Vienna); the Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology; the Kea Lab (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna); the Guet Group; the Edelsbrunner Group (IST Austria); and the department of Diagnostic Radiology (Medical University Vienna) with Art & Science (University of Applied Arts, Vienna). Exhibits by Joan Carles Ballesté, Solmaz Farhang, Maria Christina Hilber, Sebastian Kienzl, Stefanie Koemeda, Max Kropitz, Isidora Krstić, Ondrej Merta, Paola Otero, Václav Pelousek, Anita Peretti, Zhinous Rowshan, Basil Adalbero Schu, Zahra Shahabi, Sergio Valenzuela, and Harold Vladar. Scientific and artistic direction of micro-exhibitions: Bernd Kräftner, Virgil Widrich Assisted by Valerie Deifel, Juliana Herrero Scientific supervision of students’ projects at partner institutes: Tom Battin, Herbert Edelsbrunner, Gyula Gajdon, Călin Guet, Franz Kainberger, Hubert Keckeis, Andrea Maier, Chris Walzer With thanks to all the supporting researchers at the partner institutes.
Art & Science
Valerie Deifel
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Wien (Österreich)