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Runkel, Johanna Univ.-Ass. Mag.art. Dr.phil.

Thoughts on Preventive Conservation and Sustainability
Preventive conservation has the goal to preserve art objects for the long term by optimizing their environment and by minimizing risks for the objects. As a result of this anticipatory thinking, direct conservation measures, can be reduced to a minimum – a very sustainable practice. At the same time, the traditional “guidelines” of preventive conservation are hardly applicable to regions apart from the temperate climate zone of Europe and initiate and justify high energy consumption in many museums – not a sustainable practice at all. This talk therefore encompasses contradictions and parallelisms of preventive conservation and sustainability. Besides a lot of open questions – it will show approaches how to bring the two concepts together, always keeping in mind, that in the future, the preservation of art objects cannot be viewed apart from the preservation of our planet.
Johanna Runkel
title of event
Summer School - Sustaining Cultural Heritage through Preventive Conservation and Collection Care
Gabriela Krist, Universität für Angewandte Kunst
date, time and location
2020-09-18 – 2020-09-18
11:00:00 – 11:30:00