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Alam, Brishty Khatun Univ.-Ass. B.A.

Standort: Hohenstaufengasse 9 4. St.
Telefon: 71133-2252
Mobil: -
E-Mail: brishty.alam@uni-ak.ac.at
Organisationseinheiten: Art & Science
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VU Artscience practises
General documents/publications
Caring. Enactments of Heterogeneous Relationships (Redaktion). (scientific publication). (editing), Österreich. 2017
CONSEQUENTIAL CHOICES Versions of Atlas Making - exhibition catalogue. (artistic book/catalogue). (editing), Österreich. 2015
BIOSPHERE n+1 catalogue. (artistic book/catalogue). (editing), Österreich. 2014
Formed into a soft mass. (group exhibition). (artist), Österreich. 2018
Intermediate state. (solo exhibition). (artist), Österreich. 2018
Territories. (group exhibition). (artist), Hamburg (Deutschland). 2016
The Water Molecule That Wanted To Join The Others. (solo exhibition). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2016
Appendix. (group exhibition). (artist), Bulgarien. 2015
CONSEQUENTIAL CHOICES Versions of Atlas Making. (group exhibition). (curator), Vienna (Österreich). 2015
Immutable Mobiles. (group exhibition). (artist), Linz (Österreich). 2015
Parallel | Vienna Contemporary Art Exhibition. (group exhibition). (artist), Vienna (Österreich). 2015
BIOSPHERE n+1. (group exhibition). (curator), Wien (Österreich). 2014
The Open Source Way. (group exhibition). (artist), Copenhagen (Dänemark). 2014
Unter Strom. (group exhibition). (artist), Vienna (Österreich). 2014
­ Brishty Alam, Dienstag Abend. (solo exhibition). (artist), Vienna (Österreich). 2014
Artscience practises 2018–2019
Artscience practises 2018
Artscience practises 2017–2018
Artscience practises 2017
Artscience practises 2016
education & qualification
Magistra der Künste 2018
conferences & symposia
4S/EASST Conference Barcelona – 2016: Science and Technology by Other Means. (conference). (attendance), Spanien. 2016
Lecture on (De)constructing Risk: A Domestic Image of the Future. (guest lecture). (organisation), London (GB u. Nordirland). 2015
Media-Culture, Care and Living Things - In conversation with Peter Berz. (guest lecture). (organisation), Berlin (Deutschland). 2015
Workshop discussion- Balance of betrayal. From Daufisk to wàn wù 萬物 – Intersecti. (guest lecture). (organisation), GB u. Nordirland. 2015
conference contributions
The Landing is on Friday – A Happening of Speculative Ecology 2018
The Landing is on Friday – Minisymposium 2018
Workshop im Rahmen der Ausstellung 2017
Essence 2015 I Koordination. (event). (contribution), Österreich. 2015
MINISYMPOSIUM - THE FILE: On the temporal dimensions of electronic patient recor. (series of events). (director/administrator), Vienna (Österreich). 2015
MINISYMPOSIUM - THE PROJECT: Reflecting on the logic of project economies. (series of events). (director/administrator), Vienna (Österreich). 2015
WORKSHOP: Build and hack the Trinity synth. (series of events). (director/administrator), Vienna (Österreich). 2015
WORKSHOP: Postindustrial Blacksmithing and Ecological Science. (series of events). (director/administrator), Vienna (Österreich). 2015
Essence 2014 I Koordination. (event). (contribution), Österreich. 2014
Stoff Band Nacht 2017