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Greil-Möbius, Mariella wiss. Mitarb. Mag.art.

Postconsensual collaboration. A shared lecture on plurality & the choreographic
Dance, Knowledge management, Ethics, Philosophy
We presented a collaborative lecture,departing from Florian Schneider’s statement, that we have to establish a new understanding of the term ‘together’ when we talk about contemporary dynamics of working together. We will probe the meaning of togetherness in the form of a collaborative lecture and discuss Jean-Luc Nancy ́s proposal of a community without common mission and its potential for artistic modes of working together. Which kind of “We” emerges if people collaborate without subordinating themselves to a common identity? What is happening if they do not merely become representatives of what they have in common? Collaboration undecides regimes of identity, production and representation. It does not only inevitably call the authorship of a work into question but moreover challenges the methods of work. This is why uncommon ways of collaboration are so attractive for a broad field of production, that is interested in innovation and experimentation. Our lecture aims at giving insights into specific collaborative methods that were developed in the frame of choreographic projects – such as the method of reformulation (of the Artistwin deufert + plischke) or the experiment of working together alone of the Cooperativa performativa in Rumania. We will touch upon Gesa Ziemer ́s concept of complicity and the issue of self-organisation and put our thoughts in relation to our own artistic practices and collaborative experiences as members of two distinct collaborative platforms: “Sweet and tender collaborations” and “Kollaborateure”. Mariella Greil and Martina Ruhsam work together in difference. Our contribution intends to stretch beyond a dialogue, and yet we are not a group though. Our temporary “we” is constructed exclusively around the shared effort (attempting the realistically impossible) to respond to the 10 questions on collaboration that we had articulated in our previous contribution to the symposium On Collaboration I.
Mariella Greil-Möbius
title of event
SYMPOSIUM On Collaboration II
Middlesex University, Hendon
Martina Ruhsam
date, time and location
2013-05-18 – 2013-05-18
London (GB u. Nordirland)