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Titton, Monica Sen.Sc. Mag.phil. Dr.phil.

The Hidden Fashion Library
group exhibition
Art theory, Media research
Defying the haphazard abundance of digital images, the uniformity of transnational media corporations and the swansongs to print journalism, a plethora of independent, globally connected magazines that eschew the received categories and orders of fashion are being launched from Beirut to Berlin, from Penang to Lima. A new materiality of fashion media production is emerging. It questions and interrupts imperialist spatial orders and hegemonic orders of knowledge – those of fashion as well as those of the exhibition site, the staterooms of Alte Post. THE HIDDEN FASHION LIBRARY explores the independent fashion and style magazines that have been founded in recent years as both a reaction to the digital media boom of fashion and street style blogs and as a second wave of the 1980s and early 1990s alternative and avant-garde magazine production. The exhibition is structured along 5 theses that abstain from a linear-causal narrative: 1. Global Tales and Stories The names of independent fashion and style magazines unfold a narrative of global politics: migration, decolonization, casualization, diaspora, and hybrid identities. [read more] 2. Fashion featuring Critique and Knowledge Independent fashion and style magazines opened up new discursive spaces for fashion critique and the self-reflection of the fashion system. [read more] 3. After Avantgarde Independent fashion and style magazines advance the aesthetic and formal discourses of the late 1980s and early 1990s anti-fashion generation in the liminal space between art and fashion. [read more] 4. Shifting Geographies and New Topographies Independent fashion and style magazines are part of historical and postcolonial shifts in decentralized fashion production and the geopolitical positioning of fashion centers. [read more] 5. Post-digital Materialism Currently we are witnessing the transformation from digital fashion media into print media. Simultaneously to the exhibition new forms of post-digital materiality are emerging.
Monica Titton
date, opening and location
2017-04-26 – 2017-04-29
Wien (Österreich)
location description
Alte Post, Take Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts