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Gulinska, Anna Univ.-Ass. MArch

Standort: Schwanzer-Trakt 1. St.
Telefon: 71133-2336
Mobil: -
E-Mail: anna.gulinska@uni-ak.ac.at
Organisationseinheiten: Architekturentwurf 1
general documents/publications
ISLAND, CITY, VILLAGE, RIVER. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Wien, Österreich. 2019
Improvement to the life standard quality. (conference proceedings). (author), Polen. 2010
research and projects
Active Public Space
Interioricity Athens
Joint Master TPAI - Territorial Planning Art and Innovation
WB Aspern Baufeld H6
WB MAM F&E Zentrum
WB Siemensgründe
awards and grants
MAM F&E Zentrum 2018
Studienzentrum Montanuniversität 2018
aspern Seestadt - Baufeld H6 Ort: 2018
Paracelsusbad Salzburg 2014
Rosenhügel 2014
Red Bull Training Center 2013
Cloud as an Archive* 2011
Urban development of post industrial city center of DG 2010
Vienna Biennale 2017 - 'Hello, Robot.' 2017
Essence 2016 2016
Final Exhibition of the Thesis Projects TPAI 2015
Competitive Hypothesis 2013
OSSA texture of the city 2008
‘Embodied Togetherness’ - Travelling Workshop Program IoA 2017
Jury Member at Department of Landscape Architecture 2015
Invited Guest-Critic at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Building Process 2014
Design Tutor at ECOWeek Cracow International Seven-Day Think-Tank 2013
OSSA Curator / Member of the Board 2004–2008
conferences & symposia
MAK FUTURE LAB: KEPOS – Prototype of an urban garden pavilion. (conference). (attendance), Vienna (Österreich). 2017
conference contributions
The Cloud* as an Archive 2014
Beirut - the Body Intensities and Speculation. 2013
Beirut PoroCity - The Body Intensities and Speculation 2013
Holes/ Implication via Kangaroo Live 3d Physics and Polygons 2013
Bringing back the life to half-dead urban structures 2012
OSSA - the workshop idea 2008
Studienzentrum Montanuniversität 2018