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Tischer, Jenni Sen.Sc. Mag.

Dinge und Dialoge
group exhibition
We are pleased to announce the exhibition “Dinge und Dialoge” at “Scriptings,” Achim Lengerer’s showroom, and publishing house. The exhibition explores the relationship between the material character of things and the physical existence of the observer. We read the language of objects and ask questions about the particular, unique standpoint we can speak and perceive. Where everyday objects and art objects concur, their status becomes productive due to their similarities and differences. Our questions are addressed to the objects and the observer: The possibility of seeing differences in objects, or recognizing an object as something distinct, depends on the capacity of seeing and comprehending. What is the difference between the everyday objects that surround us, ubiquitous technological objects, and the art objects that we want to talk about here? Are we touched in a specific way by objects that others direct at us? Is it a gesture sent in our direction, which upon decrypting itself possibly reveals and formulates an idea, one which is both carried by it and the source of it? The exhibition accompanies a two-part publication realized in collaboration with the Viennese design agency Studio Vie.
Jenni Tischer, Daniel, Heinrich, Hofer, Kathi, Kapusta, Barbara, Ulrike Köppinger, Mayer, Katrin, Müller, Ulrike, Pagel, Rocco
Sagara Hirsch
date, opening and location
2015-12-05 – 2016-01-31
Berlin, Deutschland