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Digital and social Transformation
This projects take place within the framework of “Digitale und soziale Transformation“ as a selected digitization project at public universities.

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SOUNDING RESEARCH. Testing, phrasing and transforming an artistic research  method on the basis of Audio Papers

Contact: Ricarda Denzer

How can we understand sound both as a force creating the world around us and as a medium that reflects knowledge about the world we live in?
This artistic research project intends to explore how an acoustic listening approach to the world can lead to a multidirectional form of social experience. This form is enacted by as many subjects and actors as it is by different objects and contexts. For example a form arising from movement and interaction, from the exchange with, the linking of, the delineation from and the permeability between various artistic disciplines, and to see how this artistic form enables critical and caring worlding processes.
My work in this specific field must be seen as much as an artistic process as a form of teaching art; a process to which I can add my experience with the linking quality of sound, through situated listening and by acoustic thinking and acting; as a form to refer to interlinked narratives and to connect them to what comes to mind of each and every single one.
A spatial, non-linear, multi-perspective narrative form will be applied as part of a performative artistic research that understands both learning and teaching as a sonic act, as the correlation of different sensual experiences and thus as trans-disciplinary.
The research platform will bring together contributions from participating partners such as sociologist and artist Karen Werner and artist and writer Brandon LaBelle, among others, to rethink collaborative listening research practices as an experimental experience.
In the course of the research process, the performative format of the audio paper will be used as a form of publication. The intention is to prepare by way of experiment, design and an action-oriented approach to my method of “Artistic Research as Situated Listening – Art Education as Sonic Act” using Audio Papers giving a broader research framework: to test the research method, to phrase and to transform it. 

Videostill: Ricarda Denzer