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Digital and social Transformation
This projects take place within the framework of “Digitale und soziale Transformation“ as a selected digitization project at public universities.

Projects are added on an ongoing basis.

Passenger Diaries

Passenger Diaries – performative research on emergent subjectivities in trans-urban space

Contact: Mariella Greil 

At a time when social media tempt us to keep diaries disclosed on a global scale, the question arises anew: how to share the intimate quotidian life that unpredictably unfolds day by day? How to find our way into the landscape of days (Gegend der Tage)? At the same time, we experience tough and strange days in which all our relationships to our diverse environments (Umwelten) change, and must change. We are already used to calling this change ‘climate change’. But have we yet understood what it really means, and what follows from it? This equally intimate and experimental project Passenger Diaries is a testing ground for a journey into another life in the close neighbourhood that is as personal as it is oriented towards the environment, urban and suburban spaces. To enter this close range is itself the passage we seek and attempt.
The Passenger, inspired by Iggy Pop's mythical song, is understood as a ‘cloud’, a ‘state’ that can be adopted by going on a micro-trip, a state one can ‘host’ for the duration of this trip in order to learn, hands on, to experience the ecological density of the diverse worlds and environments in which we move.

The team will invite guests to share those trips with them, while everyone active and receptive becomes an unamed provider of The Passenger, both host and quasi-author of all documents produced. Sometimes this multiple cloud of experience, movement and understanding also moves between times and the documents and media that simultaneously separate and connect these times. The trace of this process, again partly travelling in social media, we call the diary of this passenger. It will be manifest as a public blog.

In three Salons de Passages social situations will be created for sharing and exchanging around the micro-trippings together with guests who are active in the fields of urban planning, care economy, historical research, media, the arts, performance and other fields of experience and expertise.

Key researcher: KT Zakravsky, Lucie Strecker, Mariella Greil

Contact: Mariella Greil

Photo © The Passenger

Photo © The Passenger