Focus Related Research

Further information on INTRA projects can be found here:
Angewandte Programme for Inter- and Transdisciplinary Projects in Art and Research (INTRA)

Digital and social Transformation
This projects take place within the framework of “Digitale und soziale Transformation“ as a selected digitization project at public universities.

Projects are added on an ongoing basis.

Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA)

15. May 2021

Investigation Office for Future Scenarios at the Danube

Contact: Bernd Kräftner 


01. April 2021

SOUNDING RESEARCH. Testing, phrasing and transforming an artistic research  method on the basis of Audio Papers

Contact: Ricarda Denzer

Greenwashed Concrete

01. March 2021

Greenwashed Concrete. Artistic Practice with, about and against Concrete Concerning Conflicting Concepts of its Sustainability

Contact: Christoph Weber, Nikolaus Eckhard

Magic Hour

01. March 2021

Magic Hour. The uncannines of twilight

Contact: Caroline Heider

A World of Blue

01. March 2021

A World of Blue - Dialogues in Indigo 
Arts-based research on the potentials of natural indigo dyeing

Contact: Karin Altmann

Translocal Performative Academy

15. February 2021

ORGAN/ISMUS – Poetics of Relations. Pilot phase for new media of a Translocal Performative Academy of space related artistic practices

Contact: Lucie Strecker


15. February 2021

WITHDRAWING THE PERFORMER Building bridges between artistic research and neuroscience to explore intersubjective performance experiences

Contact: Charlotta Ruth & Jasmin Schaitl

New Concepts of Authorship

15. February 2021

New Concepts of Authorship in a Digital Media Society
Contact: Florian Bettel / Madeleine Span

Passenger Diaries

10. February 2021

Passenger Diaries – performative research on emergent subjectivities in trans-urban space

Contact: Mariella Greil