“Hello, I am …“ Cansu Ergün

The Austrian Cultural Forum Washington`s Channel for a Social Media Art Contest features the Site-Specific Art student from the Angewandte. Vote for her!

14. Mai 2018

The Austrian Cultural Forum Washington has developed the social media project called „Hello, I am ...“ on its website http://acfdc.org/ (with the hashtag #ATinDC_YoungArtist), which started on April 9 and lasts throughout the year 2018.
The idea is to offer outstanding Austrian art students the possibility to use the social media channels of the ACF Washington as a presentation platform for their work over a certain period of time and thus be able to directly reach and interact with an international audience.

Cansu Ergün will be presented from May 14 until June 17. During this time you can vote for her by observing and commenting the different postings about her presentation and artistic work, the ACF Washington will put on the channel.

She was born 1989 in Eskisehir, Turkey. She holds a B.Arch in Landscape Archtitecture from the Instanbul Technical Universiy and a B.A. in Business Administration from the Anadolu University and is currently studying Site-Specific-Art at the Angewandte. She made a lot of work experience, mainly in Turkey and possesses exhibition experience and recognition from various international art and design projects in Africa, Europa and Asia.

Her promoted projects are “False Horse“ and “Touch the Box“.

False Horse

The sculpture consisting of resin, paper, metal, soil was built in 2016.

Ergün outlines the project: “ ´False horse´ comes from the term of a camouflage method that was used by the French soldiers during the WW-I against Germany. As the story goes, during the war which went on for years the terrain between two sides, so-called no man’s land, came to resemble a barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland. The problem was to sneak out to the enemy’s side in order to observe, spy or place a sniper without being seen while everything around them was obliterated until the entire landscape was just a flat expanse of charred dirt and corpses. Then the French army had an idea to disguise themselves as a dead thing. So they built to hollow papier-mache replica of the dead horse that was shot a few days before.

Even though it is inspired by a happening at a war my personal approach to this work is more connected with the feeling of hiding, not being seen. It is made out my visa documents that have been asked by the Austrian authorities during my resident permit application. It contains all the personal information about me such as birth certificate, criminal records, bank accounts both mine and my parents, proof of all the property, car etc. that is owned by my parents, old visas, insurance, old passports, school diplomas and so on. On one hand they might seem like the things that represent, define me but on the other hand, they don’t actually contain any real, sincere information about who I really am, my personality. They are only the things that I used to hide my real self under as I move around bureaucracy.

It is a shell that is shiny and polished with bank accounts, diplomas, proof of all the things that make me valuable to enter this country. As I am using it as a shelter which I don’t intend to stay for long, it would protect and finally get me in. Since the process of the resident permit takes up to 6 months this situation left me with no certain home for more than a year. Constant moving between cities and not knowing how things would work out made me feel very out in the open with no protection and certainty. So this documents in a way would be the only things that I count on to take me to the next home.

The materials also led the way during the process. As I chose resin to build the papers together it also gave a bit transparent, sticky, polished look which also suits with the concept. On the way, the stickiness of the resin made the soil mix with the papers as I worked outside in the garden. So all together it also becomes a part of the actual landscape between the actual borders which can be pictured in the middle of the no man’s land with it’s dirty, polished and unstable look during the current situation of the border crisis. As much as it looks like the structure is holding itself it is held by the skeleton like metal wraps in the hollow inside since the paper makes the whole structure very unstable almost could be destroyed with a little force.“

Touch the Box
The intervention in the public space was shown in WUK, Vienna in 2018 by Basis Kultur Wien. Ergün about the project:
„The TV show games with names such as “Touch the Truck”, “Touch Me” were quite a phenomenon around the world in the 2000s. Simply, it is a competition that requires physical endurance and mental dedication to be the last one standing touching the car. It wasn’t an exciting and action packed show although occasional faints due to exhaustion or pretending to faint to trick the other contestants and arguments between the contestants were occurring in the course of the competition which could go on for days with small breaks.
There have been many TV shows made with this simple equation, doing absurd things to win the prize; a car, a house, domestic appliances, a vacation, money and so on. But this one particular show stuck in me and my generation’s memory in Turkey as it was broadcasted for the first and the last time on TV.

In my proposal, I want to adapt this concept to Kunstzelle as a month long installation, ending with a participant USA based performance or so called game. The prize, a smartphone bought with the budget, will be standing locked in Kunstzelle and the exterior will be marked with hand shaped emoji prints. Thereby the installation will be advertising itself. In addition advertisements about the game will be posted online and in the city for the duration of the exhibition. At the end of the month the game will take place with the same principles as the TV show and the winner will get the

Procedure of the „Hello I am“ Contest
In cooperation with the three most important Austrian art universities – University of Applied Arts Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Kunstuniversität Linz – two students of each university were chosen to present their work for respectively five weeks on the ACF’s Facebook site and website. At the end of the year the student with the most „likes, shares & comments“ received will be awarded in an internal ranking and be invited to Washington DC to stay for a week and present his or her work in the premises of the Austrian Cultural Forum. The invited student from the Angewandte aside from Cansu Ergün is Lisa Großkopf, studying TransArts. Pille Riin Jaik and Melisande Seebald from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna as well as Sybille Bauer and Stefan Tiefengraber from the University of Art and Design Linz are also invited.

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