University Council

Office: Irene Fürst
Hon.-Prof. Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat
DI Thomas Jakoubek – chairman
Dr. Alfred Brogyányi – co-chairman
Andrea Kleibel-Kertsman
Mag. Erwin Wurm



  • Authorize the Development Plan, the Organization Plan and the draft University Performance Agreement, as well as the Rules of Procedure for the Rector’s Office,
  • Make a representation on the Senate’s advertisement of the Rector’s position,
  • Elect the Rector from the Senate’s short-list of three candidates, as well as elect Vice-Rectors on the basis of the Rector’s proposal and the Senate’s representation,
  • Settle the Rector’s employment contract and target agreement, with the Rector,
  • Dismissal of Rector and Vice-Rectors,
  • Nominate a female and a male member for the Arbitration Commission,
  • Make representations on the curricula and on course options not covered by the performance agreement,
  • Authorize the formation of societies and foundations,
  • Authorize guidelines for the direction and authorization of the Annual Financial Statement, the Rector’s Performance Report and the Intellectual Capital Statement, and their transfer to the Federal Minister,
  • Appointment of an auditor for the University’s Annual Financial Statement,
  • Consent to the creation of extraordinary liabilities, as well as mandating the Rector’s Office to enter into such liabilities up to a certain level, without obtaining the prior consent of the University Council,
  • Obligation to report to the Federal Minister in the case of serious breaches of law by University institutions, or by threat of serious economic damage,
  • Authorize the Rector’s Office guidelines for the empowerment of workers in accordance with Article 28, Paragraph 1.
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