Ceramics Studio

Head: Sen.Art. Mag.art. Sascha Alexandra Zaitseva
Ceramics are to be understood as an interdisciplinary medium. As both an educational facility and a venue for meetings and exchanges among students from all areas of study, the Ceramics Department is characterised by artistic experience and a profound knowledge of the medium. Working activities are divided into the three categories formed by art in the private and public domains, building art and art for buildings, art in everyday situations (the daily ambience), and ceramic design.

International exchanges, inter-university dialogues and contacts with industry, artists and architects are to be expanded and strengthened with an eye to co-operations and networking.

Graduates naturally receive every support with regard to all artistic and technical matters.

The Department assists the students from the expiring Ceramics course and, at the same time, provides an increasing volume of interdisciplinary teaching and support during the completion of project work.