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COVID-19: Updated regulations from 17 January 2022

11. January 2022
Dear university members,
We are endeavouring to maintain the proven special situation at the Angewandte as far as possible and to enable physical presence in the artistic studies and examinations under the greatest possible security precautions. This requires our united efforts and further measures, which we have decided on after evaluating the overall situation of the last few days. Even if some of these measures seem more rigid than individual all-Austrian regulations, we are trying to maintain an operation that goes beyond the way practised at almost all other Austrian universities. 

COVID-19: University operation from 10 January 2022

07. January 2022
Dear university members,
As announced, we would like to inform you about an adjustment to our COVID operating scenario.

COVID-19: University operation from 10 January 2022

05. January 2022
Dear university members,
We hope you had a peaceful and relaxing holiday season and a good start to the new year!
Unfortunately, it is to be expected that the COVID infection situation in Austria will worsen again in the coming days and weeks. In particular, we have to assume that there will be an increased number of people who will have to go into quarantine due to the Omikron variant.

TAB 2022 Installation Programme competition to be carried on by IHEARTBLOB with the “Fungible Non-Fungible” project

21. December 2021
Congratulations to Iheart Blob who will be building a first ever blockchain-funded architecture!! Aleksandra Belitskaja, Ben James and Shaun McCallum, all alumni from Studio Greg Lynn, I o A Institute of Architecture at the Angewandte won the TAB 2022 Installation Programme Competition: “Fungible Non-Fungible Pavilion”.


Happy Holidays

Anna Vasof

10. December 2021

Angewandte Profile 21/22

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09. December 2021

COVID-19: Updated regulations from 13 December 2021 on

09. December 2021
Dear university members,
as announced, with the end of the nationwide lockdown for vaccinated persons as of Monday 13.12.2021, the Angewandte will return to the COVID operating scenario of the winter semester 2021/22 that was valid until then.

Lawrence Weiner 1942 – 2021


03. December 2021
It is with great sadness that we have to acknowledge that Lawrence Weiner passed away yesterday. Only recently we had the pleasure of announcing the awarding of the 2022 Oskar-Kokoschka-Prize to this extraordinary artist. Lawrence Weiner, who had a strong link to the city of Vienna, will not be able to receive the award in person, contrary to his own and to our hopes. Lawrence Weiner will live on through his work. RIP