Language Arts

Head: Gerhild Steinbuch, Univ.-Prof. MA
The Institute of Creative Writing Vienna has been designed to follow the example set by Leipzig, Hildesheim and Biel. Like these models, it is dedicated to the teaching of literary writing on a university basis. Courses are intended for students wishing to learn a diversity of literary techniques and cross-border methods for a period of three years at the end of which, a final work will be submitted for the award of a bachelor degree.

The Institute offers a multifaceted teaching staff, which represents the variety found in the German language literary scene, and furnishes intensive student support. In addition, leading authors present their writings in the form of workshop discussions and readings, while in teamwork with the School for Poetry short-term interventions are possible for extended forms of linguistic expression.

The fact that the Institute of Creative Writing is part of the University of Applied Arts provides it with additional scope through the opportunities for exchanges with other institutes and departments such as Graphics, Painting, Media Theory, Fashion, Book Art, Knowledge Transfer and Philosophy, etc. Indeed, this cross-fertilisation process allows students to test the various effects of their literary output even during their study years.

In future, it is planned to establish the Institute as a literary centre that will also consider creative writing teaching methods. An initial step in this direction is formed by the organisation of a symposium to which teaching staff from all the institutes at German-language universities will be invited.