Design, Architecture and Environment for Art Education

Art Education in Design and Technology / Design, Architecture and Environment

Head: Univ.Prof. Christoph Kaltenbrunner
The social benefits of CRAFT(ING) reside in innovation – in selfdetermined action, working with materials, the search for questions, the discovery of answers, independent thought, and the experience of teamwork in developing collective solutions. The study programme in technical working guarantees students a comprehensive education in the fields of design, architecture, and environment as well as didactics and pedagogy. The focus is placed on the built environment, space, and technologies and the discussion and balance of their expediency in terms of ecological, economic, and social sustainability.

The functions of user-oriented design and architecture are explored and reflected upon both in and outside of educational contexts. In this manner, graduates are conveyed design not just as pure formal experimentation rather as a strategy to ask the right questions, while design methodologies remain the educational core. By dealing with these issues and elaborating innovative concepts and solutions, the students develop analytical and creative competences. Courses investigate the potential of the design process as a service for businesses and in the realm of politics. This leads to models for consultancy and cooperations. It order to consolidate them, too, common positions and goals with the Austrian representatives of employers and labour are sought and incorporated.

The programme’s core competence is a proficient pedagogical and didactic communication of teaching content in keeping with the latest methodological research, while conveying fundamental technological knowledge in connection with handcraft and fine motor skills. The WERK_LABOR offers students a platform for projectoriented experiments. International conferences, guest teachers, lecture series, and projects with partner universities (e.g. the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Vienna and Graz University of Technology, The University College of Teacher Education in Vienna, The University of Education Lower Austria, The University College of Teacher Education of Christian Churches, Vienna/Krems) challenge and promote interdisciplinarity, vibrancy, and open discourse. The DAE department is also a research partner in the PEEK project “Conceptual Joining − Wood Structures from Detail to Utopia”. Not traditions rather NEW THINKING in and outside of schools must be the premise!

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