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The University of Applied Arts Vienna aims at focusing its art and research profile now and in the future. Therefore, the division Support Art and Research in cooperation with national and international partners are developing projects, that will supply (artistic) researchers with useful tools for applications, project management and documentation, as well as open access-strategies.

The “Art- and Research Database – Angewandte/ basis wien” emerges from the ongoing cooperation between the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Angewandte) and basis wien – archive and documentation centre for modern and contemporary art in and from Austria.

The collaboration, which started in 2014, ensures the continuity of basis wien’s documentation of Austrian artists and their activities. Furthermore, the cooperation allows further development of the current database to secure the (artistic) research which is located at the Angewandte.

The database contains entries about approximately 82.000 persons, 15.500 institutions, 60.000 events (projects, exhibitions and other events) and 82.000 objects (effective May 2017). The Angewandte therefore takes the opportunity to display its activities in the field of art and research on one of the most prestigious platforms for contemporary Austrian art.
Venue: AIL – Angewandte Innovation Laboratory

Portal Angewandte (Alexander Damianisch/Bernhard Kernegger)
21 October 2015, 17:00
Foils and Textile Welding (Ursula Klein/Marcus Bruckmann)
25 November 2015, 17:00
Venue: Atelier schulteswien, Mollardgasse 85a, 1060 Wien

The Angewandte in Nepal – Help after the Earthquake (Gabriela Krist, Gundi Lamprecht)
17 December 2015, 16:00

Surveying Energy Efficiency (FFG Eden: IoA/ED Research Team, TU/BPI Research Team)
Featuring a lecture by Prof. A. Mahdavi: Architectural Science: Quo Vadis?
27 January 2016, 17:00
Venue: seminar room B (Ferstel-Wing, top floor)
Steering Committee: Univ.Prof. Barbara Putz-Plecko, Dr. Alexander Damianisch
Contact: Dr. Bernadette Schmatzer
Mag. Angelika Zelisko
What do I do with an idea I have? How can I get more out of my skills? How do I go freelance? How do I start my own company? What’s the next step?
Both the field of research and the development of transfer projects with its Focus Creative Entrepreneurship are located at the department of Support Art and Research. Projects from the field of development (Focus Creative Entrepreneurship) are currently being implemented at the University of Applied Arts Vienna that stand in context with cooperation projects at the Knowledge Transfer Center East, one of the three Austrian-wide knowledge transfer centers.

Knowledge Transfer Centers (WTZ)

The regional knowledge transfer centers of East, South and West provide incentives for Austrian universities to step up the knowledge transfer from research to economy and society. The incentive programmes "Wissenstransferzentren und IPR Verwertung" (Knowledge Transfer Centers and Exploitation of Private International Law) – as financed by the bmwfw (Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy) and administered by the aws (Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH) – are cooperative undertakings by several university-based and associated partners. The Knowledge Transfer Center East consists of a group of nine Viennese universities.
With specific cooperation projects targeting technological, economic, creative and societal key issues in the transfer process, the project aims to regionally anchor the topic of knowledge transfer, as well as to establish interregional and international links.

Events and Continuing Education

Within the framework of the incentive programme, the Viennese universities provide – in addition to a wide range of events – an inter-university programme of continuing education offering workshops, lectures and hubs with free access to students, graduates, researchers, university members and alumni. The respective events are classed as interdisciplinary and may be attended by persons from all study programmes.
Events and Continuing Education
The events and continuing education activities are specific training measures dedicated to key subjects from the area of empowerment, usufruct rights, exploitation rights, copyrights, entrepreneurial skills and awareness building.

Institution-specific hubs, which are open to all faculties, address alumni and those students close to finishing their course of studies in order to provide them with support in the sense of capacity building.
Main Project Areas of the WTZ:
The University of Applied Arts Vienna is involved in the key issues of Teaching & Awareness, Start-up & Entrepreneurship, as well as Humanities, Social and Cultural  Sciences / Development and Appreciation of Art (GSK-EEK-KUNST). The other priorities regarding Infrastructure – IP meets IT and uniTech meets Industry – are dealt with at the other universities.
  1. Teaching & Awareness:
    This cooperation project supports the successful transfer of knowledge and technology with activities in the areas of teaching, awareness and visibility. The teaching and continuing education programme specifically designed for the target group develops and strengthens competencies required for transferring knowledge to the economy and society. Recurring awareness measures stimulate the awareness for knowledge and technology transfer inside and outside of the universities. 
  2. Start-up & Entrepreneurship
    The current cooperation project on the one hand contains measures for further professionalization of the existing transfer services and on the other hand covers the expansion of present support offers regarding
    1. potential exploitation routes for ideas and technologies (esp. re. spin-offs) and
    2. identification and concretization of alternative areas of application for technologies and business models.
  3. Focal Point GSK-EEK-KUNST
    The key project offers subject-relevant support in form of trainings and continuing education activities in a university setting. In order to address the issue of knowledge transfer in a profound manner, the project encompasses the areas of empowerment, usufruct rights, exploitation rights, copyrights, entrepreneurial skills and awareness building, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work, open innovation, knowledge applicable to the everyday work of researchers and freelancers for the fields of the humanities, social and cultural sciences, as well as development and appreciation of art. In the project module “Capacity Building” this is carried out with continuing education activities and workshop formats; in the project module “Creativity and Transfer Hub” institution-specific formats of continuing education are developed that will primarily support alumni and students close to finishing their course of studies.   
  4. Infrastructure – IP meets IT
    The objective is to apply a professional and unified IP management software, as well as the joint use of a business software incl. a market research tool. The idea is to professionalize the operative daily business, as well as to save time and money on a longterm basis. This would enable the implementation of a unified reporting system not only towards the knowledge transfer center but also towards the decision-makers at the individual universities.
  5. uniTech meets Industry
    This project aims at strenghtening the cross-linkage of the univeristies’ and their partners’ knowledge and technology transfer centers by:
    1. Creating synergies in the search for licencees or buyers of technologies.
    2. Displaying the multitude of technologies offered by the WTZ East and the other two knowledge transfer centers.
    3. Reducing barriers in the information flow between science and economy, e.g. by using a joint platform on which the bundle of technologies on offer from universities could be presented.


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