Video Studio

Head: VL MMag. art. Wolfgang Neipl
The miniaturisation of cameras and the compression of post-production to laptop format has brought about the popularization of video production equipment. In contrast to the film industry, where filmmaking requires skills that are specifically assigned to separate domains ­—such as screenplay and script, direction, imaging technology and camera, production, editing, special effects, or scoring­—its equivalent in the field of applied arts, though seemingly easier, requires the ability to make unusual connections between these areas.

To this end, our department offers a range of courses that reinterpret the types of knowledge taught in traditional film studies and adapt them to the concepts and workflows suitable to the domain of applied arts. This includes camera work and video production, video animation and composition, audio composition for short film and video,  and image-editing in video art and video design. In addition, the programme offers experimental workshops which develop a broader approach to sequential thinking. Resulting works are archived or published in thematic catalogues.

In cooperation with external partners, the department can boast successful participation in international student competitions. A programme on artistic research is currently in preparation. In the spirit of inter- and transdisciplinarity, students from programmes at other universities are more than welcome in our department.

Registration for video studio teaching is to be completed personally at the stated times in the video studio (“Angewandte”, Vordere Zollamtsstraße 3, 3rd floor). On this occasion any questions concerning teaching will be answered in full. Registration is obligatory for all classes. Please see the website.

General studio activities
Apart from during teaching, the video studio is also open to students with a “key entitlement” (those attending courses, or course graduates) on a 24-7 basis. Students must enter their names on work lists for co-ordination purposes.

5th floor
Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz 2
A-1010 Wien