Design History and Theory

Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil. dr.littD.h.c. MA (RCA) Alison Jane Clarke
Design theory and history is playing an ever-greater role in the art and design education sector and covers a major aspect of the range of doctorate studies, where interdisciplinary approaches in aesthetics, design, technology, the social sciences and history are linked.  In the light of the enormous historical reputation of the “Angewandte” in this sector, new teaching and, in particular research accents, have been established with regard to critical-analytical design theory and design culture, whereby the social and economic functions, and the mechanisms of design receive special attention. The Department sees its most important task as being the national and international networking of design competence and the consolidation of its positioning at the Vienna location to a greater extent than in the past. A special emphasis is placed on the intensification of publicity activities in the theory and history of design area.