Focus Scientific Research

Discovering patterns of damage and conservation practice

01. January 2021
Project lead: Gabriela Krist
Institute of Conservation
Duration: 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023
Austrian Science Fund (FWF): P 33985 Einzelprojekte

Situating Cinesonics

01. April 2020
Project lead: Kristina Pia Hofer
Institute of Fine Arts & Media Art
Duration: 01.04.2020 - 31.08.2023
Austrian Science Fund (FWF): V 770 Richter-Programm (inkl. Richter-PEEK)

Professionalisation and its Discontents: Design, 1930-1980

01. December 2019
Project lead: Leah Armstrong
Theory and History of Design
Duration: 01.12.2019 - 30.11.2022
Austrian Science Fund (FWF): V 740 Richter-Programm (inkl. Richter-PEEK)

Visionary Vienna: Design and Society 1918–1934

01. September 2017
Project lead: Elana Shapira
Theory and History of Design
Duration: 01.09.2017 - 30.09.2021
Austrian Science Fund (FWF): V 619 Richter-Programm (inkl. Richter-PEEK)

A Matter of Historicity

02. March 2015
Eva Kernbauer

Art History

Jewish Sports Officials in Interwar Vienna

26. May 2013
Roman Horak

Institute of Art Sciences and Art Education

Flexible search and optimization in parametric design

02. December 2012
Klaus Bollinger

Institute of Architecture

Asian Interior Decoration in Schönbrunn Palace

26. November 2012
Gabriela Krist

Institute for Conservation and Restauration

Hermann Czech - Architecture and critic of language in postwar Vienna

27. June 2011
Liane Lefaivre

Institute of Architecture

Strategic design as value creation factor for enterprises

24. October 2008
Hartmut Esslinger

Institute of Design

Another cinema: The films of Marguerite Duras

23. June 2008
Edith Futscher

Institute of Art Sciences

Algorithmic Generation of Complex Space Frames

29. February 2008
Klaus Bollinger, Arne Hofmann. Clemens Preisinger

Institute of Architecture, Structural Design

Dyeing techniques of the prehistoric Hallstatt textiles

25. October 2007
Regina Hofmann-De Keijzer

Institute of Art and Technology / Archeometry

Scientific study of the artwork at Nako, India

21. November 2006
Gabriela Krist

Institute for Conservation and Restoration

Formation and Persistence of Popular Music Scene in Vienna

08. May 2006
Wolfgang Fichna, Rosa Reitsamer, Roman Horak

Sociology of Art and Culture

Wiener Kinetismus (Vienna Kinetism) 1920-25

24. January 2005
Patrik Werkner. Collaboration: Ulrike Matzer

Collections of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

(De-)Construction of The Invisible

06. May 2002
Maria Bussmann

Chair for cultural and intellectual history

CyberPoiesis. A theoretical and empirical approach to net mediality

06. March 2000
Manfred Fassler

Communication Theory

Reception history of Oskar Kokoschka's work since 1945

02. December 1996
Patrick Werkner. Collaboration: Gloria Sultano

Collections of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

CINÈMA BRUT - An alternative genealogy of the film avant-garde

Gabriele Jutz

Institute for Fine and Media Arts