Head: Univ.-Prof. Gabriele Rothemann
The goal of the Photography Department is to develop individual methods of developing images using the medium of photography and to succeed in attaining an independent, artistic position. The technical prerequisites needed for the implementation of artistic projects are taught in the department and are applied in a professional manner. The necessary co-operation with the workshops is the object of special emphasis. The free artistic confrontation with the medium of photography also includes the possibilities for the use of other forms of expression such as drawings, installations, performance and video. As a consequence, teamwork is sought and practiced with teaching staff from other artistic and theoretical subjects.

The Department sees itself as a research centre in the artistic area of photography, where new artistic positions should be, and are, developed. In this manner graduates are equipped with a solid basis on which to achieve success in the international art scene. With this profile developed in the course of four years, the Photographic Department occupies a singular position in the field of photographic training.