Head: Assoc. Prof. Mag.arch. Baerbel Mueller
Study Coordinator: Mag. phil. Sabine Peternell (MAS)
Publications, PR: Mag.phil. Roswitha Janowski-Fritsch
Increasing complexities in our society are yielding enormous challenges, which become all the more urgent due to globalisation, shortages of resources, and continuous digitalisation. Hence, it will be crucial to break with overly linear ways of thinking in the future and generate new concepts and realities tailored to these specific challenges through architectural education, teaching, research, and practice.

With the international orientation of the Institute of Architecture (IoA) the focus is placed on profound technical training as well as strategies to respond to the most urgent questions we are facing in the future. Accordingly, the IoA studio programme concentrates on the development of conceptual, practical, and critical skills and means for the creation of new, compelling and forward thinking architecture.
By integrating technical fields (Building Design, Energy Design, Structural Design) into the studio, students have an opportunity to develop and deepen their understanding of construction and technical knowledge in work on own projects. Content and formal supplements are offered in the Departments of the History of Architecture and Theory of Architecture, Digital Techniques, and Urban and Social Strategies.

First Entry Date
Recommended for students who need to apply for a visa!

Online registration and upload of documents           12.01.2022 - 28.01.2022
Announcement of results of the first round until       11.02.2022
Second round / Interviews                                              21.- 25.02.2022 
Announcement of results until                                       04.03.2022
Second Entry Date

Online registration and upload of documents           01.08. - 22.08.2022
Announcement of results of the first round until       31.08.2022
Second round / Interviews                                            01. -  06.09.2022         
Announcement results until                                          12.09.2022