Structural Design

Chair: o. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Klaus Bollinger
Teaching is concerned with the support elements in a building and is integrated into the overall construction area, which is divided into the areas of support structures, building construction (general building) and technical building systems (technical building). Consequently, the design of support structures is also an integral part of the overall design process. Exemplary know-how communication through direct project management, teaching seminars, project exercises and experiments (model building seminar), lectures and excursions is employed as a method for the dissemination of sufficient expertise and capabilities.

This should enable students to comprehend the function of support structures, and the proper and design-related use of supportive structures within the context of the overall design, as well as to understand the interaction between the support structure and the other components in a building.

In addition, an ability to undertake competent and, if necessary, critical teamwork with the support structure engineer as a planning partner, the capability to estimate the dimensions of supportive building elements, and a knowledge of the techniques of support structure planners, should all be communicated.