Arbitration Commission

The Universities Act 2002 stipulates in Article 43, that an arbitration commission is to be established in each university. The Arbitration Commission of the University of Applied Arts Vienna was constituted on 3rd May, 2012.

The tasks of the Commission include:

  • Mediation in disputes involving members of the university (members of the University are: students, scientific and artistic university staff, general university staff, lecturers, associate professors, emeritus and retired university professors).
  • Decision-making on complaints by the Working Group for Equal Opportunities about discrimination on grounds of gender resulting from a decision of a university institution.
In carrying out this function, members of the Arbitration Commission are not bound by any instructions or orders.
The Arbitration Commission consists of six members, who shall not be members of the University concerned. The Senate, the University Council and the Working Party for Equal Opportunity Issues shall each nominate one male and one female member for a term of two years. Two of the members shall be legally qualified.

  • HR Dr. Heinz Adamek
  • Mag. Iris INGEMARSSON, Vorsitzende
  • RA Mag. Dr. Peter Hoffmann-Ostenhof, MBA
  • HR Dr. Gabriele Jurjevec-Koller
  • OR Mag. art. Gloria Withalm
  • RA Dr. Peter Paul Wolf

  • ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Holzleithner
  • Dr. Markus Nagel
  • Dr. Reinhard Rainer