Support Art and Research

Dr.phil. Alexander Damianisch
Deputy Head
Mag.phil. Angelika Zelisko
The opening of possibilities is the task of the department Support Art and Research. The competences of the work represented at the university are supported in art and research - strategic, focused and adequately.

The activities of the area can be divided into three fields: enable, care and secure. Project-oriented work can be understood as the core focus which was developed from the service offer of the department (focus Artistic Research). Cyclically described it comes to assistance in securing funds, as well as the use of continuous and final backup of the contents developed, always with the aim to enable new activities. Different resources are developed and informed about these offers; this includes internal and infrastructural resources.

The activity of the area includes the substantive, administrative and financial (co)conception and coordination of scientific, artistic and artistic-scientific projects that are either funded by the University of Applied Arts or by funding agencies such as FWF, FFG, EU-programs, Academy of Science, City of Vienna, Jubilee Fund of the National Bank, BKA Arts, etc.

In addition, the department administrates current, already approved, externally funded projects, coordinates the project partners and moderates workshops and coordination meetings.

The competent feedback-reading of concepts is a core competence of the department, the effective monitoring of implementation and communication networks as well, always constitutive on the vision and expertise represented in the fields of artistic and scientific fields. A further field of activity is the support of the Alumni Association of the University of Applied Arts [ART]ist.

Aichmaier, Helga PhD